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Three Strategic Ways To Find More Customers With Acquisition Email Marketing

37-email-marketing-stats-featured-image-Recovered.pngIn recent years, we’ve seen the digital marketing landscape evolve at breakneck speed. But even with the many available channels to connect with your targets, reaching new prospects and converting them are not synonymous. Continue reading “Three Strategic Ways To Find More Customers With Acquisition Email Marketing”


How search and email acquisition campaigns benefit both channels


Search and email are good marketing partners because they make each other more productive. Add a layer of “big data,” and you have a firm foundation for digital marketing success. Continue reading “How search and email acquisition campaigns benefit both channels”

Why Email Marketing Is Still One of the Best Customer Acquisition Channels of 2017

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Despite how often we’ve heard about the death of email, it just isn’t going anywhere. Think about it: the first activity of many people’s work day is to check emails, and the default activity when idle – like waiting in line or hanging out on the couch – is to do the same. This captive audience is ripe for a well-crafted email campaign to lead to potential conversions. Continue reading “Why Email Marketing Is Still One of the Best Customer Acquisition Channels of 2017”

Why Best Practices Rule With Acquisition Email

customer-acquisitionEmail is a prevalent marketing tool, and one that is easy to use, giving marketers the ability to send messages almost instantly. But best practices must be followed to help ensure effectiveness of this medium within the consumer digital set. Continue reading “Why Best Practices Rule With Acquisition Email”

6 Best Practices for Email List Acquisition

email-acquisition.jpgThe quality of your email address list will directly correlate to the results generated from your various email marketing strategies. An accurate, well-targeted customer list will have a positive impact on your campaign’s response rates, click-throughs and ultimately, your end revenue. While this concept is easy to understand, you might not know exactly where to start when it comes to strengthening your own email list. Continue reading “6 Best Practices for Email List Acquisition”

4 Ways Email Improves Marketing Campaign Performance


Every couple of years, a marketing thought leader predicts the demise of email. And every couple of years, they’re proven wrong.

Email isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, Radicati Group predicts more than 54 percent of the world population will have an email account by the end of 2017. And that number will rise by another 400 million by the end of 2021. Continue reading “4 Ways Email Improves Marketing Campaign Performance”

Email Marketing Is a Double Win for Customer Acquisition, Retention

email aquisition.jpgFor most small- and medium-sized retailers in the US, email marketing is tops when it comes to both customer acquisition and retention. According to research, four-fifths of these professionals said email helps contribute to this outcome. Continue reading “Email Marketing Is a Double Win for Customer Acquisition, Retention”

3 Ways to Acquire Email Addresses with Cross-Channel Marketing


Marketing is a game of layers requiring an effective mix of channels. For example, a social ad may lead to a blog on your website, which prompts a download, which in turn triggers a welcome email. By utilizing targeted messaging via one channel, and following that up with additional messages through related channels, you significantly increase opportunities for brand engagement and establishing lasting relationships. Continue reading “3 Ways to Acquire Email Addresses with Cross-Channel Marketing”

Email Marketing for Customer Acquisition Strategy


Using Email Marketing to Acquire New Customers

Email is the “old faithful” of the digital technology world.   It is a universally used tool that everyone sits down to check at work or home.  Even as technology has advanced, email has remained.  With the growth of Smartphone’s, email has only grown in use. Continue reading “Email Marketing for Customer Acquisition Strategy”

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